About Us

My name is Ras Charles born in Jamaica (JAH MAKE YA ). YARDSOUND is a Community Radio Program which brings together all lovers of reggae, culture and livity … fans, DJs, artists, promoters & producers. We work together on all reggae and culture related projects., to share knowledge, ultimately grow together and to help each other in a heartial, international and “one love” environment.

So if you are a hard/soft core reggae lover wanting to know more about the history, the foundation, the artists and any reggae related info, local or international, or if you are just starting your reggae adventure and want to learn about reggae, we are here to help. So come and be a part of the YARDSOUND COMMUNITY. We give airtime to artists that other commercial radio stations won’t play. We are with the many and not the few. EM yardsound.com